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White Flowers


This is a beginner-intermedate level retreat, but we will have a full week of a riggorous training schedule,

and you will need to have a few fitness requirements to be able to attend safely.

Please go through and DO this list of exercise tests to make sure that you will be physically prepared for this journey! 

  • 20 second plank hold Shoulders over wrists, bum not higher than shoulders, core and back active (no low back droop). Push the floor away actively through the hands and shoulders.

  • 8 sit ups

  • 10 jumping jacks

  • 4 push ups (with knees for support is ok!) 

  • Endurance to complete a 1 hour intro / beginner Vinyasa yoga class

  • 3 Negative Pull ups (jumping up to chin above bar level, squeeze elbows in, engage shoulders and try to lower down with control) 

  • Comfortability in an inverted (supported, upside-down position for at least 10 seconds at a time)     

Please send us an email if you are only missing a few of these prereqs and serious about attending, we are happy to give you homework to prepare for the retreat.

Are you ready to join us?!

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